The Travelling Band is a project that explores the idea of musicians travelling and how passing through different places and communities can inform and affect the creative process and output. The project was funded by The Arts Council England and devised and delivered by Derbyshire artist and musician Alex Blood


The idea comes from the old folk tradition of the nomadic musician or storyteller gathering new songs or stories on the road as they travelled, unwittingly creating a musical and lyrical picture of a country or region.   This project applies that idea to current and active musicians of varying genres and communities across Derbyshire and Derby City.  

A diverse band of musicians and lyricists embarked upon a series of creative visits and performance events at towns and locations across Derbyshire to create new material and engage with audiences in a two way exchange. 

The artists engaged with and observed the places and communities they passed through. This process of a band and show evolving as it moved was recorded and documented to show the distance travelled both physically and musically.  

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